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Indian famous Astrologer

Astrologer Pandit guruji is blessed with religious intellect and rich moral values from his birth. His father and grandfather Pandit was a very famous Astrologer, his authority was worth famous in his time.

After being completely absorbed with lesson taught by father and grandfather followed by intense training Astrologer Pandit guruji from the age of seven years started working on astrology and Vedic Rituals.

Pandit guruji is very popular astrologer & best astrologer in bangalore. he is generally well known and result oriented astrologer.

Astrology is purely science and it needs high intuition power. Pandit guruji has high intuition power and he is great devotee of goddess Kaali Maa.

We believe that astrology is a science and needs to be understood logically. Mainly, the planets and how are these directly affecting the bodies and lives of people inhabiting the earth. Pandit guruji has in-depth knowledge and belief in the study of stars and he strongly believes that it is possible to logically explain why and how occurrences happen with people who wish to seek help.


Mesha (aries)

People born in this sign are ambitious and forceful in their character. Mostly they are of independent disposition. They have physical and mental energy to face any difficult situation. Dynamism is the catch word for these people. They enjoy personal glory and tend to dominate others. They have the weakness of exaggerating things. Often short-sighted in their approach, they are inclined to lose patience too fast.


Vrishaba (Taurus)

The people of this sign will have good appearance and personality. They are emotional in their behaviour. They have great attachment towards their people and friends. They are very luxurious in their habits. The person will be amorous, impulsive and proud. They get carried away by praise. Health of the partner will cause anxious moments. Music and mantras are associated with Vrishabha Rasi.


Mithuna (Gemini)

These people will be spiritual and very analytical in mind. Art and literature fascinates these individuals. They will be versatile, eloquent and inventive and will have business acumen . They will be busy in two different fields of activity. The person of this sign will have intellectual attainments. He will have gains through his relatives. Will have public acclaim. There will be some sexual problems.


Karkata (Cancer)

The characteristics of this house are flexibility, interest in mysteries, travelling indisposition. It rules chest and heart of the body. Public and social prominence can be expected. The influence of the parents will be very great. Will have a secret and concealing nature. Can master many languages. The person of this rasi will be extremely sensitive. Complaints of health arise out of the emotional or worried nature.


Simha (Leo)

The people born under this Rasi have a kingly personality, magnanimity and lion hearted nature. Martial nature may create some situations. The person will be honoured and capable of guiding and inspiring others. The person will be extremist in love and in philosophy. Will be fond of visiting forests and hilly places. Will gain esteem and Governmental recognition. Will posses magnetic personality.


Kanya (Virgo)

They are very practical people. They are chaste, pure and refined. Sociable and friendly in nature, they show up occasional shyness also. Well informed and scholarly personality. Later part of the life will be peaceful. They show interest in the occult and ancient sciences. The persons of this Rasi will have strong sense of justice. With regard to health, intestine, alimentary canal and liver pose certain problems.


Tula (Libra)

Since the Rasi is symbolic of balance, equilibrium and justice are its key notes. Weighing both the sides of every problem is its character. They have a slightly detached temperament and gentle manners. Children will be few in number. They will be interested in gaining knowledge and tend to be eloquent. Gain through woman. Will have a spiritual bend of mind and remain God fearing.


Vrischika (Scorpio)

Temperamentally they are emotional and possessive. They are cunning. Will have only few friends. These persons may get unexpected legacies and gifts. They have strong sexual urges compared to other signs. They are highly secretive. Trouble in sex and love affairs. Will have many relatives. Dasas of Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are good. Dasas of Mercury, Saturn, Mars and Venus are bad.


Dhanus (Sagittarius)

This type of people are very friendly and cheerful in nature. They are of deep thinking and of high intellect with a quick temper and strong passion. They show great interest in out door sports. They are quite independent in nature. These people can handle men and matter very well. In family life, they may have many problems. Difference of opinion among family members may create difficulties.


Makara (Capricorn)

The people of this house have deep common sense. Their aspirations are very high. From a humble beginning they rise to greater heights. They face difficulties in life boldly and achieve their goals. They are likely to have many enemies. They have to face domestic strife. Difference of opinion among the house hold members will be a regular feature.


Kumbha (Aquarius)

Very great saints and thinkers have been born in this house. Among the 12 signs of the zodiac this sign is attached to occult subjects. The people of this house will have unexpected travels. They have to face problems on the domestic front. Their friends influence them more than their relatives. They are generally idealists.

Meena (Pisces)

The people of this house are very analytical and emotional in their behaviour. They will be having fluctuating moods. They have great love and affection towards their friends and relatives. They may have many brothers and sisters. The children who are born to these people are fortunate. They have more compassion and desire to help all who suffer.


Sudarshana Homam

  • Sudarshana Homa helps acquire success and gain prosperity.

  • It helps in recuperating the body and gives revival of wellbeing.
  • It helps in the cleansing from the harmful and toxic energies.
  • Sudarshana Homa assists with accomplishing true cravings.
  • It gives enormous victory and immense success with manifestations.
  • It gives quick relief from the unexplained sufferings or stresses.
  • The Homa likewise helps in giving protection from the incredible evil eyes.

Maha Mruthyunjaya Homam

Maha Mruthyunjaya Homam is dedicated to Lord Shiva to prevent premature deaths. The Mruthyunjaya Homam is executed to get Jaya or the victory over Mritya or death. The object of worship of this homa is Lord Shiva. One of Lord Shiva’s synonyms is Mrityu. Mrityu which means the death of death or the destroyer of death. During this homam 21 mantras are sung. The most prominent offers in this homam are the durva grass and an herb called amrita.

  • Anyone who wants to control death due to sickness, injuries and accidents can choose Mrityunjaya homam for achieving goals in life.
  • In addition, one can be able to remove the doshas and negative effects of planets in a horoscope with this homam.
  • Another advantage is that it shows ways for overcoming threats from evil forces and enemies to extend lifetime.
  • Destroys all evil influences in your life.
  • It improves your health tremendously.
  • It creates a Kavach or protection around you and your family.

Maha kali Chandika Homam

  • Removes hindrances on the path of your success.
  • Prevents loss in Business and personal life.
  • Brings Financial stability.
  • Protects from evil forces, and sorcery.
  • Enhances fast recovery from illness.
  • Gives improvement in education.
  • Clears defamation due to unknown factors.
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